What is Early Literacy?

Only the “single most significant factor influencing
a child’s early educational success*”!

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* National Commission on Reading, 1985

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What We Learned From Don Quixote

We live in a place where the wind blows. A lot. In fact, it is so predictably windy here, that we can harvest the wind. Huge windmills stand like sentinels on the borders of our town, collecting each gust as it goes by and turning it into valuable energy. It’s cool....

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How Thoreau Inspired us to Live Wild and Free

Thoreau loved all things wild: His friends and neighbors. Music. Nature. Cows. Horses. Buffalo. He believed that in the wild, we grow closer to our true selves. We find our “wildest dreams.” And nowhere was Thoreau more connected to wilderness than when walking. He...

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How Early Shirts became Early Shirts

A lot of people ask us why we chose the name Early Shirts for our company. And, we have to confess that we didn’t choose it. It was a gift. And we love it. Here’s why: Our company was born from a passion to make a difference in our community and communities...

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12 Children’s Books to Give this Christmas

On the First day of Christmas I would love to see... a book under every tree What’s even better than a partridge in a pear tree? Books. Especially children’s books. At Early Shirts, we agree that every child deserves books. When kids own books, they are more likely to...

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15 Children’s Books to Celebrate November

Did you know that The most successful way to improve the reading achievement of low-income children is to increase their access to print? Shop earlyshirts.com and help all kids succeed. Guest post by the awesome JEN Garrett November is full of time-honored traditions...

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5 Graphic Novels That Will Motivate Your Stubborn Reader

I am a mother to a stubborn reader. You know the kind. He can read well, but chooses not to, or does so very reluctantly with lots of whining and avoidance. While I respect that reading isn’t his first love (“Sports are my life, mom.”), I know that reading every day...

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15 Children’s Books to Celebrate October

Guest post by JEN Garrett As the leaves turn crisp and the apples ripen, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate these fall holidays with picture books.   International Walk to School Day (October 5th) All over the United States, schools celebrate International...

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7 Ways to Motivate Your Stubborn Reader

I’m a reading teacher and a pretty devoted mom, so my kids should love to read, right? Well, not so much. While my oldest child is an avid reader who loves books (thank goodness), my youngest does not. At. All. In fact, he’s said more than once that he hates it. It...

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3 Unusual (and Fun) Ways to Teach Kids to Read

Guest post by JEN Garrett When you think of early literacy, you might think of stories at bedtime and frequent trips to the library. While these are excellent ways to help children learn to read, sometimes you can teach reading without ever opening a book. Go Outside...

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5 Easy Ways to Get Free or Cheap Children’s Books

Where can parents go to find free or cheap books? Children need books. Lots of them. But children’s books can be expensive and, as I learned a while back, finding free or cheap books can be a struggle. A few summers ago, I was the assistant on our public library’s...

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