What is Early Literacy?

Only the “single most significant factor influencing
a child’s early educational success*”!

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* National Commission on Reading, 1985

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The High Cost of No Books

Books are powerful. In fact, books have the power to change lives. When kids have access to books it dramatically impacts their success in school. And that can change everything. The Good News Kids who have access to books at a young age develop critical reading...

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15 Kid’s Books to Celebrate September

Guest post by JEN Garrett Labor Day maybe the only official holiday on your September calendar, but there are plenty of reasons to celebrate during the month, especially if you love kid's books. Labor Day (September 5th) First celebrated in 1882, this holiday honors...

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3 Benefits of Reading to Your Child (and how to do it)

3 Benefits of Reading to Your Child (and how to do it) In our house, it’s a nightly routine. Story time happens right before bed, when I cuddle in and read a few picture books to my sons. There are nights when I wish I could skip it, because I’m tired or I really...

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How to Create a Fantastic Home Library for Your Kids

Growing up, I was the youngest of four children. By the time I came around, we had hundreds of picture books in our house and I recall many happy hours spent listening to and enjoying those books. I grew up loving to read as a kid and I still do. Turns out, having...

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