A lot of people ask us why we chose the name Early Shirts for our company. And, we have to confess that we didn’t choose it. It was a gift. And we love it. Here’s why:

Our company was born from a passion to make a difference in our community and communities everywhere. We want to provide books to kids. Not only because books are just generally good to have around, but because books in the hands of kids make a massive difference in their lives. Like HUGE.

Read more about that crazy truth here.

And the earlier they get those books, the better. Early literacy is all about the words kids hear, see and read early in their lives. Early, as in before they go off to school. Early, as in when their minds are young and open and eager to learn. Early, as in when anything is still possible.

So, when our genius friend and mentor (talking about you, Chad) offered us the name Early Shirts, we said, yeah. It’s perfect. For so many reasons.

Early, for us, means eager. It means being ready to do anything, being crazy-excited for the opportunity and hopeful for the goodness that’s to come. Our company strives to live in the early moments. When we know that wonderful things are heading our way. And that anything can happen. Because we believe that by providing kids with books early in life, we are preparing them for a life of opportunity. Of living their adventure. Of fulfilling their dreams.

So, yeah, that’s why. Early Shirts. Love.

Early Shirts and You

At Early Shirts, we believe books are powerful, especially in the hands of children. But far too many children don’t have access to books and that’s a problem. That’s why we’re busy making sure all children have books to call their own at an early age. You can help! Shop Early Shirts today and help kids get books. One Shirt = One Book. It’s simple, magical math.