Ecstatic! That’s how we feel about our first Early Shirts Literacy Partner, Raising Readers in Wyoming. Our two organizations have officially joined forces to improve early literacy efforts in Wyoming.

Raising Readers in Wyoming Gives Kids Books

Why do we love Raising Readers in Wyoming so much? Because they give books to kids.

All Wyoming kids age 0-5 who attend well-child visits walk away with a book to call their own. All thanks to this wonderful organization!

In fact, since 2002, more than 400,000 books have been distributed in all 23 Wyoming counties through their programs. And as we know, when kids have books, they have the power to succeed.

Want to know more about book ownership and success in school? Read this.

How an Early Shirts Literacy Partnership Works

Just how does our Literacy Partnership work? It’s simple: For every Early Shirt sold, we provide funds to Raising Readers in Wyoming so they can continue to do their amazing work.

At Early Shirts, one shirt = one book. Which means for every shirt sold, Raising Readers in Wyoming can provide another book to another Wyoming child.

So, think about it this way: When you buy your next Early Shirt, you’ve given a child the power to succeed. AKA, you’re awesome, and we love you!

Buy one now!

Learn more about Raising Readers in Wyoming and be sure to give them a thumbs up on Facebook. They do awesome work, and we are very proud to be their newest partner.


Early Shirts and You

At Early Shirts, we believe books are powerful, especially in the hands of children. But far too many children don’t have access to books and that’s a problem. That’s why we’re busy making sure all children have books to call their own at an early age. You can help! Shop Early Shirts today and help kids get books. One Shirt = One Book. It’s simple, magical math.