Thoreau loved all things wild: His friends and neighbors. Music. Nature. Cows. Horses. Buffalo.

He believed that in the wild, we grow closer to our true selves. We find our “wildest dreams.”

And nowhere was Thoreau more connected to wilderness than when walking. He would walk, or saunter as he described it, miles each day. Not for exercise, he admits, but for the “adventure of the day.”

As we searched for the perfect quotes for our shirts, we were inspired to think about all the things we loved. And just like Thoreau, there is little that makes us happier than a saunter through the woods, near a lake or even through a quiet, snowy park. We love having nothing more to do than to soak in the wilderness around us.

And that’s what we wanted to share with you in this quote from Thoreau; that, “In short, all good things are wild and free.”

Like walks, and friends, and music. And buffalo (we really love buffalo—don’t judge us).

We hope you agree.

You can read the entire essay by Thoreau, aptly titled Walking, here.


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