We live in a place where the wind blows. A lot. In fact, it is so predictably windy here, that we can harvest the wind. Huge windmills stand like sentinels on the borders of our town, collecting each gust as it goes by and turning it into valuable energy. It’s cool. Almost beautiful.

And, without a doubt, each time I consider the windmills, I think about one of my favorite of all literary heroes: Don Quixote, knight-errant.

Maybe it’s because I, too, often feel misdirected. A bit crazy, even. Or maybe it’s because I’m always chasing after dreams. Whatever the reason, I totally love Quixote.

Often when I’m driving the highway toward home and the windmills come into view, I recall the moment in the novel when, after a long day, Quixote and Sancho ride into a field of windmills. And Quixote, mistaking the windmills for giants, bravely charges toward one, lance raised. It doesn’t end well.

But I can’t help but feel a bit of envy for Quixote. He sees what he wants to see. He lives bravely.

When picking quotes for our shirts, I wanted to capture his confidence. His chutzpah.


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Thou Hast Seen Nothing Yet

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“Thou hast seen nothing yet.” A perfect capture of the power of believing in ones dreams and having the guts to conquer them.

And then graphic artist Jason Berner combined the quote with the likeness of the sentinel windmills that dot our horizon. Our shirt design wasn’t just almost beautiful. It was the complete thing.

When I wear this shirt, I hope a little of Quixote’s sass rubs off on me. I hope it’s true that I’ve seen nothing yet. Because that can only mean that life will get even better. And I can still keep chasing my dreams.

A note to Cervantes purists: you could spend many hours explaining to me how much of what the author is credited with writing is actually misguided translation, including this quote. But, as a true word nerd, I happily accept the translations alongside the original. I’m easy like that.

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